Vermosem: Land of the humans. Capitol is Four Winds.

Schondpurn: Land of the Dwarves. Capitol is Quezktur.

Eildinaugh: Land of the Halflings. Capitol is Losif.

Etinienthe: Land of the Elves. Capitol is Lomianro.

Nys’mos: Land of the Gnomes. Capitol is Zulut.

Nyssaycerthere: Land of the Half Elves. Capitol is Central City.

Dral Region: Land of the Half Orks. No capitol.

Del’eld Forrest: Non-governed land inhabited largely by outcasts, druids, elves, fey, and other magical creatures

Salt Wastes: Vast, uninhabited desert. Some small Vermosi and Schondpurni salt mining settlements exist on the border.

Kintin-Tas: A Vermosi settlement in the Southern Gap of the Salt Wastes.

Iron Vine Wall: The inland border is surrounded by the eponymous wall of nigh-impenetrable iron vine. The coast is blocked by a massive reef of jagged rocks jutting from the sea, and land is obscured from aerial view by a dense canopy of trees. The wall has been there since time immemorial, and no one knows what lies beyond. Every culture has some lore about the wall, and some say that there is an ancient tribe of elves deep within the Del’eld Forest who know the true origins of the Iron Vine Wall.


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