Hello and welcome to the Scoundrel’s Club campaign, which takes place in the land of Kaldrrem. Players will be working for one of the foremost and secretive criminal organizations, the Scoundrel’s Club. They will be running around from city to city fulfilling contracts for the organization, performing various acts of skulduggery, and trying to advance within the organization.

Starting Out

This game will use the D&D 3.5 system. At this point, all books are permissible for use; however, psionics is banned. Homebrew material and flaws are only allowed upon individual approval. All banned/allowed materials are subject to change at any time.

Starting level will be level 3. Generate starting stats with a 32 point buy. Starting gold is 3,000. No Chaotic-Evil. Even though you’ll be breaking laws left and right, lawful alignments will be allowed upon approval.

For the first few sessions there will be a sort of bulletin of jobs that the party can pick from. Some kind of goal for the party to accomplish or item(s) to steal. Whatever you get into along the way is yours to deal with, and loot you find across the way is yours to keep, plus some kind of reward upon completion. When you take a job, you’ll receive a briefing from somebody in the organization with details and possibly receive some equipment or resources. How you finish the job is up to the party, as long as you get the job done and don’t endanger the organization.
You could schmooze your way through the job, threaten your way through, sneak your way through, develop some ridiculously elaborate stratagem, or just kill everybody between you and your goal. But not every solution lends itself equally well to all situations, and your actions may have consequences.Depending on how you guys tend to work through challenges, I’ll start dropping plot hooks for bigger picture stuff.

Scoundrel's Club

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